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Hey there! This is a spoiler opt-out post for Night in the Woods. If you'd rather not have Mae mention any spoilery stuff in our threads, just comment below with the characters you play and their usernames and I'll steer clear of spoilers when we thread together.
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Player name: Dante
Contact: TheIrradiated@gmail.com or [plurk.com profile] teenysanguini
Characters currently in-game: Napstablook

Character Name: Mae Borowski
Character Age: 20
Canon: Night in the Woods
Canon Point: Post-game, Bea route.


Mae is a college dropout who's recently returned to her hometown of Possum Springs. Upon coming home, she immediately settles into the life of a carefree, former college student. She sleeps late into the afternoon, goes to parties and band practices with her friends, and the moment her mom brings up the possibility of looking for work, Mae immediately bails. Overall she tends to be an immature goofball, though her brand of humor can get a little morbid, and she often jokes around with her friends and family. Thanks to her late grandfather, she also has a fondness for ghost stories and seems to believe in the supernatural, being more quick to explain strange occurrences as the work of a ghost.

Mae is also snarky, impatient, and quick-tempered. She's gained a reputation for it throughout Possum Springs, but it's seen most whenever she starts to feel stressed or unhappy. When she goes to a cemetery with Bea to hunt a ghost, she's quick to get upset when they reach the ghost's assumed grave and nothing happens. Mae proceeds to vandalize the grave by jumping up and down on it. When her mom starts prying into Mae's reasons for leaving college, Mae gets upset and starts a huge fight with her, calling the Borowskis a "family of failures". But despite her temper or the fights she gets into, she's pretty quick to make up with someone as long as she likes or cares about them. The fight with her mom lasts about a day, and Mae ends up apologizing for it the next day. All of her fights with Bea, for example, end up with Mae being either quick to apologize and move on, or quick to forgive.

Mae tends to be impulsive and destructive, something she's gained a bad reputation for in Possum Springs. She even admits that she's done things like theft and vandalism. When she and Bea visit the Possum Springs equivalent of a Hot Topic, the first thing she does is shoplift and she talks Bea into doing it too. She does "crimes" with Gregg, such as stealing from an abandoned store, smashing up a car with a baseball bat, and breaking into a Historical Society. She's even more destructive and prone to lashing out when she's upset, such as when she hangs out with Gregg and Angus and has to deal with tension between the two throughout the night. When their tension ruins her evening, she trashes the bathroom of a restaurant they visit out of frustration.

Even with her temper, Mae does genuinely care about people and wants to help them. Her friends especially, but also those younger or weaker than her. Even though she gets the cold shoulder from a group of teens that hang out in an underground tunnel, she occasionally checks up on them and tells them to stay safe after a kidnapping happens in Possum Springs. She panics and chases after a mysterious kidnapper after seeing a kid get abducted at Harfest, and gets frustrated that no one seems to believe her that the kid went missing. She even steals food in order to take care of a group of young, feral rats living in an abandoned parade float. When she ends up injured after a run-in with some cultists, Mae ends up wandering away from her friends' house, despite being sick and weak, because she fears that they'll get hurt or die if they get further involved in her problems.

Mae is painfully awkward in social situations, and doesn't do well in large groups of people. She's oblivious to the things that she blurts out and tends to ramble in conversations. This leads to her oversharing information that ends up making other people uncomfortable. She brings up her grandfather's death out of nowhere at a party, and ends completely embarrassing Bea at said party while she was trying to talk to some college students. She's also gotten into a few fights with Bea because Mae sometimes doesn't realize when she's being insensitive to someone else's problems. An example of this is when Mae notices tension between Bea and her father, and tells Bea that she should either quit working at her dad's business or tell him off. Bea calls out Mae for not understanding the responsibilities she has to her family and that she can't just up and quit. And it's not just Bea, a lot of Mae's interactions with the people in her life show that she has a very naive understanding of the world around her. Despite her two years away at college, hasn't really done that much growing up. The people around her are struggling with joblessness, being stuck in dead-end jobs and struggling to make something of themselves, or feeling trapped in a town that's in financial decline. Mae, on the other hand, is still clinging to her past in Possum Springs. She wants to keep her relationship with her best friend Gregg the same, despite him needing to move on to better things. She doesn't understand why dropping out of college is upsetting to Bea, who wants more than anything to live out the life of a normal girl instead of someone buried under family responsibilities. Mae's shown to be upset whenever a store she used to go to closes down, because she wants the life that she left in Possum Springs to remain the same.

The reason why Mae seems to be so afraid of Possum Springs changing has a lot to do with her mental health, the reason behind a lot of her behavior. She confesses to either Gregg or Bea about an incident where she was playing a video game that she loved, and at some point, she suddenly stopped feeling any kind of emotional connection to the characters. She goes on to explain that things suddenly felt either "dead" or were "just shapes", suggesting that she developed a depersonalization disorder. Her dissociation was bad enough that it caused her to panic at a softball game, and attack a kid with a baseball bat. And while in college, she began to suffer from extreme anxiety and depression, which prompted to her to come home to the only place that felt safe and familiar - Possum Springs. Even when she comes home, she starts to have bouts of anxiety, especially when it comes to large groups of people.

Her mental health seems to be heavily influenced by a supernatural presence inside of her head. A cosmic, godlike being known as the "Black Goat" who lives in a hole at the center of Possum Springs. It's unknown how long the Black Goat has been part of Mae's life, but Mae seems to imply that it's been talking to her for a long time. Despite not being able to understand it, it seems to have an influence over Mae's mental health and causing her dissociation to get worse. At the end of Mae's story, she seems to have accepted its presence as something that she can't avoid or escape from, but plans to live her life as best as she can and make her life as worthwhile as possible.

Inventory: Gregg's bass that he loans to her during band practice.
Abilities: Mae is very acrobatic, despite saying that she's out of shape. She can walk along power line wires, as well jump on ledges of buildings that would be hard for a normal person to reach. She also has an ancient, godlike creature inside of her head known as the "Black Goat", which tries to reach out to and influence her. Mae is also very resistant to being electrocuted.
Flaws: Mae has a huge number of flaws that range from disrespecting authority, laziness, theft, vandalism, being short-tempered, violent, and incredibly insensitive to others. One incident that Mae is infamous for in Possum Springs is when Mae attacked a kid with a baseball bat during a softball game and sent him to the hospital.

Action Log Sample:

Okay, Mae. Look at it this way. It could be a lot worse...

Mae Borowski was sitting near a lake, in a completely unfamiliar, underground city. Maybe it wasn't a good use of her time, staring out into a lake instead of trying to find her friends and get out of here. It was hard to tell where this place began and ended, and more importantly, she needed a place to collect her thoughts.

There could be dinosaurs down here? Like dinosaurs that escaped from the meteor that killed all of them and ended up here instead, but now they're like super intelligent and evil and probably really pissed off that they had to stay underground for like a million years.

Is that even a possibility? Mae didn't get the chance to really meet anyone here. More specifically, she took off as soon as she could before anyone had a chance to talk to her. It probably would've helped her figure out what's going on, but she panicked, and she ran. It was a little too overwhelming, in a big open area with lots and lots of unfamiliar faces, and just a moment ago they were fighting something. She couldn't even tell what it was, she was too busy running and trying to protect Gregg's bass from breaking. It was too much. Too much danger, too many unfamiliar faces, a huge underground cave...

... She doesn't do well with caves anymore, she thinks. At least by the lake, it looked a little less like a giant underground death trap and more like a night sky. She could deal with that, pretending she could see constellations in the sky if she looked hard enough.

What am I gonna do now? This place is like... no, no Mae. They're probably not here. It doesn't even look like the mine. You'd be dead if it was.

"Bea, Gregg, Angus... stay safe for me, okay? I'll find you guys soon."
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Wish: "So you're telling me, that in exchange for like... saving the world and stuff, you'll give me one wish, right? Like whatever I want?

Okay, sure. That doesn't sound crazy at all, weird mysterious talking cat creature I've never seen before. What if my wish is wanting to meet burly singles in my area, huh?"

And so, Mae's contract was sealed and she was whisked away to Nyoi-Cho to start her new life as a magi. There were no burly singles to be found. And Kyubey may have just recruited the world's most useless magi.

No one got what they wanted today.

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